Hi, My name is Andrew Smith

I specialize in interviewing individuals and teams, and preparing their Business Action Plan. This is a visual results-focused, “Making it Happen” style of Business Plan.

My ideal client is a business, organization or individual who is dissatisfied with their current business situation and wants better outcomes.

I’m also skilled at converting creative ideas and goals into practical business action plans, or start-up business plans.

Simplicity, speed and getting people inspired are my key functional goals.

I deliver this service either live or via a graphic teleconferencing system (persony.com).

My promise is: Your Business Plan, done in a day. (8-12 hours). This can be in a single session or in two to four hour mini-sessions.

I’m based in Auckland, New Zealand. Andrew Smith – My contact number is +64-9-426-1942 (Mobile is +64-21-144-6811)

Email is andrew(at)apt.co.nz

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