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Business Planning is a Waste of Time

“Business planning is a waste of time.” You may have thought or heard this. But what if that’s wrong? What if business planning, when executed smartly, can be a powerhouse for success? Let’s re-examine the benefits.

Who is this for?

I’m assuming you have a business or organization with responsibilities and goals. Whatever your role, finding better ways to achieve results should be part of it.

The Value of Planning

A simple, smart business plan is the best way to meet expectations and systemize operations. Let me walk through the key steps so you can decide what works for your situation.

What's Holding You Back?

Start by identifying your top 6-10 problem areas or obstacles. For businesses, common issues are sales, marketing, staffing, finances, and regulations.
Can you recognize these obstacles? What additional challenges do you face?

Visualize the Ideal Scenario

Next, imagine those issues are resolved. How would things be different? Responses often outline a controlled, efficient, and stress-free environment where teamwork and industry leadership are the norms. Articulate the desired situation in 6-10 sentences.

Avoid the Trap

Many plans fail by being overly complex financial models rather than people-focused. Others lack credibility or systems thinking. So keep it simple and actionable.

The Solution: KISS (Keep It Short and Simple)

I advocate a three-step streamlined approach:
  • Dream It – Your Business plan Vision
  • Design It – Your Business Plan Roadmap
  • Deliver It – Your Business Plan Execution
Business-planning-is-a waste-of-time
In Part 2, I’ll outline this accelerated planning technique. With a focus on vision, pragmatism, and follow through, planning can drive real progress. It becomes a gamechanger, not a waste of time.
Rather than reject the concept, use this advice to maximize the value. Planning done right propels performance. It can work for your organization too.

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