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How to Create a Business Action Plan in Less than a Day

I’m excited to announce that I’m developing a tutorial on the Accelerated Planning Technique – a simplified version of the “How to Create a Business Action Plan in less than a Day” workshop.

How to create a business plan in less than a day

We are going to distill the seminar experience into an accessible visual flowchart. We would greatly appreciate your thoughts on the topics we plan to cover. Here’s a snapshot of what’s in store:

  • Breaking Free from Creative Blocks: The trap that stifles 80% of people, killing creativity and progress. Recognize and sidestep it. (7 mins)
  • Visual Planning Mastery: Since our brains naturally think in images, you’ll learn how to apply a visual approach to planning that’s fast and surprisingly simple. (6 mins)
  • The ‘Idea Dump’ Strategy: A swift technique to transfer your swirling thoughts onto paper. Grab thoughts, even if unfocused. (5 mins)
  • Clarity in Thought and Action: I’ll share a NASA-inspired technique for crystallizing your thoughts, goals, and actions, turning even the most intricate challenges into clear, manageable steps. (7 mins)
  • Harmonizing Creativity with Logic: Match imagination with practicality using the “Dream It, Design It, Deliver It” method. (7 mins)
  • Defining Your Vision of Success: Define and communicate success on one page — clear, concise, and powerful.
  • Simplicity in Solving ‘How-To’ Challenges: Learn how the APT Solution Blueprint can help you stay out of the weeds when plotting the ‘how-to’ of your plan.
  • Drive Accountability: The APT Action Step Formula for clear purpose, method and ownership.
Please share any feedback on this outline. My goal is an efficient yet comprehensive guide to accelerating your planning. With a focus on vision, pragmatism and follow-through, you can transform your strategy in a day.

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