In Part 2 (this article), I will provide you with information on how to design your business plan using the “What needs fixing” approach.

To explain how this works, let’s look at a couple of simple diagrams.

Your Current Situation and Your Desired Situation

In the above diagram there is a box on the left marked “A”. Let this represent your current situation – it’s where you are now.

Next, let the larger circle on the right represent your desired situation – or the goal you wish to achieve.

So the purpose of your business plan is to answer the question “How do I/we get from “A” to “B”?

However, in reality your road is not a clear pathway. It’s likely that you have obstacles or barriers to growth that are slowing you down or maybe completely blocking your pathway and progress.

This is represented in the diagram below:

Your Barriers or Obstacles to Success

Based on this way of illustrating the problem, the purpose of your business plan is to devise a way of overcoming theses obstacles or finding an alternative pathway.