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Business Planning the 100 Day Plan for 2024 Part 2

In Part 1, you created a detailed vision document defining what success looks like across all key functions of your business. This envisioned your operations functioning at their full potential. you can now continue your journey with Business Planning the 100 Day Plan for 2024 Part 2

Now we will tackle the “how” – laying out the strategies and solutions to achieve that vision.

The Power of Simplification

Simplification is critical to ensure this rapid 100-day plan is achievable. If it’s successful, it must be easily graspable and executable.

Step 1: Set Your Priorities

Carefully review your 1-2 page vision document from Part 1. Then select just 2-3 of the most impactful goals or areas of improvement to focus on initially. Resist the urge to boil the ocean. With too many priorities, you risk accomplishing nothing. Start small but make tangible progress.
For example, your two focus areas might be:
  • Gain a deeper understanding of what drives customer perceptions of value for the price.
  • Strengthen client relationships and improve communication of your product/service benefits.
Limit yourself to two or three goals for this plan; you can target others in subsequent plans.

Step 2: Outline Your Goals

Grab a fresh page and entitle it: ” Making It Happen Solutions”. Beneath this title, clearly list your 2-3 selected vision goals. This keeps them front and center.

Step 3: Identify the Solutions

For each goal, identify 1-2 solutions or process changes needed to address it. Give each solution a clear name and a brief description of its purpose.

For example:

Making It Happen Solutions

Goal 1 Solution: Implement a customer value perception survey

Purpose: Directly gather data on what customers feel delivers value for their dollar

Goal 2 Solutions:

  • Client relationship building plan

Purpose: Establish regular touchpoints to foster trust and rapport

  • Engage a copywriter to convey benefits clearly

Purpose: Translate complex features into compelling customer advantages

This process transforms high-level goals into actionable solutions. Resist overcomplicating it. The one page should capture your focus areas and the core solutions required to activate meaningful progress.
In Part 3, I’ll show you how to break down the solutions into bite-sized, doable action steps. With rigorous focus and discipline, your streamlined 100-day plan can transform your business. Adjust timelines and activities as needed, but stay the course on your priorities.
With this achievable structure, your organization can adapt to current challenges. Within 100 days, you’ll be set up for success.

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